Williamsburg & VA Beach

Left to Right Standing: Buddy Coleman, Bill Brown, Brian Smith. Seated Frank Mehrtens

Bob Butters, Buddy Coleman, Tom Walsh

Buddy Coleman, Jack Wright, Tom Long

Brian Smith, Barney Kyzar Jr., Bob Salmon

Brian Smith, Bob Salmon, Buddy Coleman

Grady Doyle, Bob Butters, Buddy Coleman, Jack Wright, Tom Long, Tom Walsh, Wayne Rice, Rick Hull

VA Beach Naval Aviation Monument Plaque

VA Beach Amphibious Assault Ship at Naval Aviation Monument

Sharon and Buddy Coleman in Williamsburg

Governor’s Palace

Buddy Coleman, Mary Anne Salmon, Sharon Coleman, Bob Salmon

Row 1: Carol Smith, Marjorie Lillard, Sharon Coleman, Mary Anne Salmon, Patti Chime, Buddy Coleman, Sandie Poore, Row 2: Brian Smith, Pete Lillard, Bob Salmon, Larry Chime, Al Poore