Grady Doyle’s Images

LHD-2 men at work

LHD-3 Mid Ship Superstructure

Quarter Deck Board shows ship’s officers

LHD-3 Superstructure

Male Head

Medical Observation

Mermaids symbolize Norfolk

Moon over the Atlantic



Neptune @ VA Beach

NOB Pier

OKI Vets visit the Flight Deck


Patio @ Wyndham Hotel

Il Giardino Restaurant

Peter & Marjorie Lillard with Capt. McMillian


Questions and Answers

Rick Hull with BB-64

Secure lines @ NOB

Shore Power

Sunbathers & Soccer Nets

Surf @ VA Beach

Surgical Area

The Bridge

Windshield Wipers

Tour Bus

Tour Guide Emily Dale

Tour of Sick Bay

USS Arlington (LPD-24)

USS Wisconsin BB-64

View of CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower

Well Deck Ops

USS Arlington (LPD-24)

Battleship Tour

Wisconsin @ Downtown Norfolk

Battleship aft view

Battleship forward view

Bettie & Grady w/Capt. McMillian

Doyles w/Capt. McMillian & Bill Brown

Bettie Doyle

Bettie Doyle, Capt. & Mrs. McMillian, Marjorie Lillard

Bigfoot Track

VA Beach Boardwalk

USS Kearsarge (LHD-3)

Bridge Tour


Welcome Aboard!

Bettie & Grady Doyle with Capt. McMillian

Captain’s Chair

VA Beach


Gangplank for the Wisconsin

GM & BJ Doyle

Gold Anchors on LHD-3

Grady Doyle

Guest Speaker: Capt. McMillian

Harbor Tugboat

Il Giardino @ VA Beach

Il Giardino

Kearsarge Crew

Kearsarge men on the bridge

Larry Chime with projectiles

LHD-3 Surgery Area

LHD-3 Bow from Pier

LHD-3 Crewmen

LHD-3 Flight Deck & Guest

LHD-3 Flight Deck looking aft

Well Deck Tour

Well Deck

Wyndham Hotel on VA Beach


Wyndham looking North

Wyndham looking South