Noteworthy Events

jpegRear Admiral E.L.”Whitey” Feightner, our Commanding Officer during 1966 and 1967, published his memoirs, Whitey: The Story Of Rear Admiral E. L. Feightner, A Navy Fighter Ace.
“Whitey is the first complete biography of one of the last surviving World War II U.S. Navy aces, and one of the Navy’s most respected officers of any period. Following a typical American, mid-western boyhood, Whitey Feightner was in the vanguard of the huge group of young men thrust into World War II. Upon receiving his commission and his gold wings, he was assigned to a fighter squadron in the Pacific and soon found himself flying with the likes of Jimmy Flatley and Butch O’Hare, two leaders who imparted their own brand of flying skill and leadership to the young ensign. He flew through many of the war’s most hectic and dangerous campaigns, such as Guadalcanal and the Marianas, gaining nine official kills. There were times he should not have returned from a mission, but his own skill and positive outlook helped him make it through all the dangers.

After the war, Whitey became a member of the Regular Navy and was assigned to several of the Navy’s most secret and action-filled projects at Patuxent River, Maryland. He flew and helped develop legendary fighters like the F7U Cutlass, F9F Banshee, and Cougar and the attack aircraft AD Skyraider as they joined the fleet, and was one of only two men who flew the radical F7U Cutlass in Blue Angels colors.

Returning to the fleet in command of a squadron, and later of an air group, he continued to develop fighter tactics. In between tours at sea, he served in the Pentagon dealing with all the personalities and political turmoil of the time while trying to bring naval aviation into the future. Working with such luminaries as Hyman Rickover and Elmo Zumwalt was not for the feint-hearted, and even Whitey did not come away unscathed. Yet, through it all, he retained the affable demeanor that characterized this rare and highly skilled naval aviator. His life story could serve as a model for any young aviator to follow.” ( description)



51EOOjDNWoL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_LTJG Larry Chime wrote and recently published Back to the World.
“After several harrowing combat tours in the dense jungles of Vietnam, a young Navy Seal, John McConnell, must come to grips with his own demons as he returns stateside. He goes up to the vibrant and carefree city of San Francisco and through a series of odd coincidences, lucky breaks and what could only be called a “soul” attraction, meets a University of SF grad student and women’s volleyball coach, Becky Saunders. Their tumultuous courtship takes them to the blue waters of SF Bay, the rolling vineyards of the Napa Valley, and the rugged Northern California coast. Throughout the story John & Becky touch the lives of many people; some are veterans still trying to find their way; others bored with a routine and superficial existence, but all trying to find meaning in their lives. Back to the World is author Larry Chime’s foray into the heart of darkness of Vietnam (or any war really) to chart the course of one soldier who holds out hope for finding, despite not fully understanding his violent past, his place in the world. A gritty, authentic romance from the heady days of the 1960’s, it’s a great read for spec ops, abalone divers, wine enthusiasts or simply those who believe in the redemptive power of romantic love. It’s a novel with a rich and sometimes rocky terrain, certain to captivate anyone who knows the perils and blessings of the human heart.” ( description)